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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Ben Nevis

1. Which king died when his horse fell over a cliff in Fife in 1286? 

a. King James I 

b. King James Ill 

c. King Alexander Ill 

King Alexander Ill died in a riding accident at Kinghorn in Fife. His successor to the Scottish throne was his grand-daughter Margaret, the ‘Maid of Norway. She was later engaged to be married to Edward, son of the English King Edward I, but died in Orkney in 1290 on her way to Scotland.

2. Approximately how many of the 790 islands around Scotland are inhabited? 

a. 70 

b. 130 

c. 350 

3. Which Scottish writter gave the world Toad of Toad Hall? 

a. Kenneth Grahame 

b. John Buchan 

c. Ian Fleming 

4. When was the death penalty abolished in Scotland? 

a. 1865 

b. 1945 

c. 1965 

5. What former Scots measurement equalled approximately one pint? 

a. choppin 

b. bawbee 

c. mutchkin 

6. In which castle did Madonna stay for her wedding to Guy Ritchie? 

a. Eilean Donan 

b. Balmoral 

c. Skibo 

7. Who designed the ‘Glasgow School of Art’? 

a. Charles Rennie Mackintosh 

b. Alexander Thomson 

c. Sir Patrick Geddes 

Work began on the ‘Glasgow School of Art’ , Renfrew Street, Glasgow in 1897, to a bold ‘Art Nouveau’ design by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, one of Scotland ‘s most celebrated modern architects. It remains the building most representative of his work and is considered by many to be one of the most influential constructions ever built in the U K.

8. Where was the world’s first mobile bank? 

a. Isle of Skye 

b. Orkney 

c. Isle of Lewis 

9. Where is the oldest subscription library in Britain? 

a. Leadhills 

b. St Andrews University 

c. Perth 

10. The shortest scheduled flight in the world is from Westray to Papa Westray in Orkney. How long does it take? 

a. one minute 

b. three minutes 

c. seven

In the Orkney islands, Westray is only one and a half miles across the water from the island of Papa Westray, and with a strong tailwind the flight between these two islands can be done in under a minute. The island of Papa Westray is home to the ‘Knap of Howar’, stone houses that pre-date the Ewptian Pyramids.

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions.

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