_______________________Week 32_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions


1. What title did the MacDonalds forfeit to the Scottish Crown in 1493? 

a. Defender of the Faith 

b. King O’er the Water 

c. Lord of the Isles 

2. Who does the ‘Cross of Lorraine’ commemorate at Greenock on the Clyde? 

a. French soldiers from World War II 

b. Mary, Queen of Scots’ arrival in Scotland 

c. Mary of Guise 

3. Which author won the Scottish Children’s’ Book Award 2001 from the Scottish Arts Council? 

a. JK Rowling 

b. Eoin Colfer 

c. Phillip Pullman 

4. Which Scottish building featured in the film The Da Vinci Code? 

a. Rosslyn Chapel 

b. Edinburgh Castle 

c. Eilean Donan Castle 

This 15th century chapel was founded in Midlothian by William Sinclair, the 1st Earl of Caithness, a nobleman descended from Norman knights. It supposedly contains has many symbols from the Knights Templar. In the film Ihe Da Vinci Code the search for the Holy Grail ends at Rosslyn Chapel.

5. Which monument marks the beginning of the last Jacobite campaign? 

a. Glenfinnan 

b. Wallace 

c. Scott 

6. What does the ‘Devil’s Porridge’ exhibit at Gretna, near Dumfries, show? 

a. ancient recipes 

b. wartime explosives 

c. magic potions

7. With which industry is ‘Govan’ historically associated? 

a. shipbuilding 

b. oil 

c. sewing machines 

8. Which football player rejoined Rangers from Old Firm rivals Celtic in 2008? 

a. Kenny Miller 

b. Henrik Larsson 

c. Mo Johnston

9. What does the word ‘tandle’ mean? 

a. bonfire 

b. handle 

c. kettle 

The word ‘tandle’ comes from the Gaelic words tein (meaning fire) and deal (meaning friendly).

10. What is ‘Brent Crude? 

a. North Sea oil 

b. raw sewage 

c. ethyl alcohol

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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