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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Rannoch Moor

1.What was the population of Glasgow around 1700? 

a. 12,000 

b. 24,000 

c. 240,000

2.Near which major Scottish river is the Glenlivet Distillery?

a. River Spey 

b. River Clyde 

c. River Tay

3.What is or are ‘Runrig’?

a. Gaelic rock group 

b. North Sea oil platform 

c. brand of beer

4.Which church faith has dioceses in Glasgow, Motherwell and Dunkeld? 

a. Scottish Episcopal 

b. Church of Scotland 

c. Roman Catholic

Dunkeld was one of the most important medieval places of worship in Scotland and has retained its association with the Roman Catholic Church as a diocese. With the influx of Irish Roman Catholics to Scotland in the 19th century, further dioceses were established in the west, including Motherwell.

5.Which Scottish saint was born in Donegal, Ireland?

a. Ninian 

b. Fergus 

c. Columba

6.Which of the following birds may no longer be hunted in Scotland? 

a. grouse 

b. pheasant 

c. capercaillie

The capercaillie or capercailzie is a large type of

European grouse, with black plumage. It is one of Scotland’s most endangered birds, with its population dropping from around 20,000 in the 1970s to around 1,000 thirty years later. In order to protect the species, a statutory ban on hunting it came into effect in 2001.

7.What is the name of the Queen’s official residence in Edinburgh?

a. Glamis Castle 

b. The Palace of Holyroodhouse 

c. Hampden Park

8.What do the ‘Registers of Scotland’ look after?

a. marriage records 

b. property records 

c. birth certificates

9.Who founded the cotton mills at ‘New Lanark’ ? 

a. David Dale 

b. Robert Owen 

c. Adam Smith

10.What, according to Thomas Pennant’s A Tour of Scotland (1771), did midwives give newborn babies?

a. bottle of goat’s milk 

b. spoonful of earth and whisky

c. tin rattle

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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