_______________________Week 41_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Glen Coe

1.Which military unit was founded by Sir Archibald David Stirling? 

a. Commandos 

b. Royal Marines 

c. Special Air Services (SAS)

2.Who or what are ‘klondikers’?

a. fish factory ships from eastern Europe 

b. gold prospectors in the Highlands 

c. Canadian tourists in Scotland

3.Scots people founded the central banks of which three major countries?

a. England, France and USA 

b. England, Canada and USA 

c. USA, Australia and Sweden

4.What is the ‘crannog’ at Loch Tay?

a. Iron Age house 

b. monster in the loch 

c. waterfall

A reconstruction of an Iron Age house – called a ‘crannog’ – is built of reeds and is perched on wooden stilts on the edge of Loch Tay by Kenmore. It is open to visitors throughout the year.

5.What vegetable was introduced to Britain from Sweden?

a. turnip 

b. parsnip 

c. cauliflower

6.At the bottom of which Edinburgh street is the new Scottish Parliament building?

a. Princes Street 

b. Leith Walk 

c. Royal Mile

7.What was David Rizzio, (Mary, Queen of Scots’ Italian secretary) first employed as?

a. bodyguard 

b. jester 

c. singer

8.Which bird is commonly referred to as the ‘sea parrot’?

a. seagull 

b. gannet 

c. puffin

Around one million puffins a year fly in from the oceans to settle and breed over the spring and summer period around the Scottish coast before disappearing back out to the oceans. Huge puffin colonies are found in places such as St Kilda, Staffa and the Isle of May.

9.What was the name of Robert Louis Stevenson’s American-born wife?

a. Fanny Hill 

b. Frances Hodgson Burnett 

c. Fanny Osbourne

10.What are ‘the bells’?

a. Hogmanay New Year Celebration 

b. Easter Celebration

c. Christmas Celebration

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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