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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

St Kilda, the Western Isles

1.What was removed from the Greek Parthenon by Thomas Bruce?

a. Stone of Destiny 

b. statue of Alexander the Great

c. Elgin Marbles

2.What is kept at ‘Shambellie House’ near Dumfries?

a. Scotland’s national costume collection 

b. old junk

c. Robert Burns’ poems

‘Shambellie House’ is the home of many fascinating items of fashion and clothing from down the centuries and is part of the collections of the Museums of Scotland. 

3.Who won the Grammy Award for best female singer in 1996?

a. Sheena Easton 

b. Shirley Manson 

c. Annie Lennox 

4.Who is the Earl of Carrick better known as?

a. Duke of Atholl 

b. First Minister 

c. Prince Charles

5.Which sporting event between Scotland and England first took place in 1599?

a. football match 

b. rugby match 

c. golf match

6.What is ‘Jarlshof’ on Sumburgh, Shetland?

a. local brewery 

b. archaeological site 

c. woollen mill

‘Jarlshof’ is some 25 miles from Lerwick and is one of the most comprehensive archaeological sites in Scotland, with relics and exhibits from the Stone Age through to the Viking period and medieval Scotland. 

7.Who starred in the 1954 film Brigadoon?

a. Frank Sinatra 

b. Burt Lancaster 

c. Gene Kelly

8.Where is ‘Talisker’ whisky produced?

a. Skye 

b. Islay c. Jura

9.Who was Mrs Brown in the eponymous film starring Billy Connolly and Judi Dench?

a. Glasgow housewife 

b. gangster’s moll 

c. Queen Victoria 

10.Which well known family firm is based in Fochabers, Moray?

a. McVities 

b. Campbells 

c. Baxters

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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