_______________________Week 44_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions


1.In 1862, John McDougall Stuart became the first man to cross which country from north to south?

a. Chile 

b. Canada 

c. Australia

2.Near which town is the French-named ‘Chatelherault Country Park’? 

a. Falkland 

b. Hamilton 

c. Bon Accord

3.What was the ‘Scotichronicon’?

a. early timekeeping device 

b. early hospital

c. history of Scotland in Latin

4.On what hour every day except Sunday is a single shot fired from a cannon at Edinburgh Castle?

a. noon 

b. one o’clock 

c. five o’clock

The tradition dates back to the late 19th century when a time-ball on Nelson’s Monument, Calton Hill was dropped at one o’clock to allow sailors in the Forth to rest their chronometers accurately. However, sometimes sailors were unable to see the time-ball in foggy weather so a gun was fired simultaneously. The gun shot can be heard up to two miles away. 

5.Whose sons were called Robin Oig and James Mor? 

a. Ossian 

b. Macbeth 

c. Rob Roy

6.Beside which loch stands the ruins of Castle Urquhart?

a. Loch Ness 

b. Loch Tay 

c. Loch Fyne

7.What does the old Scots word ‘couthie’ mean?

a. friendly and agreeable 

b. hungry and thirsty

c. bad-tempered and rude

8.What was the original predicted cost of building the new Scottish Parliament?

a. £40 million 

b. £240 million 

c. £340 million

The escalating cost of building the new Scottish Parliament for the country’s newly devolved government was a major source of controversy. The building was originally estimated to cost £40 million, but by the time of completion in 2004 that figure had risen over ten-fold. 

9.Which medieval alchemist and wizard was included in Dante’s ‘Inferno’ as one of the damned?

a. Major Thomas Weir 

b. Michael Scott 

c. Angus Saruman

10.In the Highlands, the road from Gairloch to Poolewe (A832), is also known as what?

a. Road to Perdition 

b. Quality Street 

c. Destitution Road

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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