_______________________Week 45_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Melrose Abbey, Scottish Borders

1.What does the old Scots word ‘couthie’ mean?

a. friendly and agreeable 

b. hungry and thirsty

c. bad-tempered and rude

2.What was the original predicted cost of building the new Scottish Parliament?

a. £40 million 

b. £240 million 

c. £340 million

The escalating cost of building the new Scottish Parliament for the country’s newly devolved government was a major source of controversy. The building was originally estimated to cost £40 million, but by the time of completion in 2004 that figure had risen over ten-fold. 

3.Which medieval alchemist and wizard was included in Dante’s ‘Inferno’ as one of the damned?

a. Major Thomas Weir 

b. Michael Scott 

c. Angus Saruman

4.In the Highlands, the road from Gairloch to Poolewe (A832), is also known as what?

a. Road to Perdition 

b. Quality Street 

c. Destitution Road 

5.Who was known as the ‘Ettrick Shepherd’?

a. James Hogg 

b. Allan Ramsay 

c. Sir Walter Scott 

James Hogg became one of Scotland’s most important writers of the 19th century when he moved to Edinburgh in 1810, having been a shepherd at Ettrick in the Scottish Borders. 

6.Lord Mackenzie Stuart achieved Scottish legal history in the 970s for what?

a. conducting an inquiry into crofts 

b. first Scottish judge in European Court 

c. first Scottish judge to address Congress

7.Who wrote his way out of impending bankruptcy?

a. Robert Louis Stevenson 

b. JM Barrie 

c. Sir Walter Scott

8.When fully grown, roughly how tall is a Shetland pony? 

a. 3 feet 6 inches 

b. 4 feet 

c. 4 feet 6 inches

9.To pursue deer with a rifle is called what?

a. deer hunting 

b. deer stalking 

c. deer

Deer stalking has been a popular sport in the Highlands since the mid 19th century. It involves a day on the hills, crawling and walking to get within range of a red deer to kill it cleanly with a single shot. 

10.What is the North Sea’s largest crude oil producing field?

a. Forties 

b. Brent 

c. Piper

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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