_______________________Week 47_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Loch Torridon, the Highlands

1.What Shakespearean play is known as the ‘Scottish play’? 

a. King Lear 

b. Macbeth 

c. Hamlet

2.What brand name is associated with Red and Black label Scotch whisky?

a. William Grant 

b. Johnnie Walker 

c. Bells

3.Where were Spanish troops defeated in the Jacobite rising of 1719? 

a. Lamancha 

b. Fort George 

c. Glen Shiel

The Jacobites had formed an alliance with the Spaniards to fight against the British Government forces and together with the Jacobites the Spaniards fought at the battle of Glen Shiel. The Spaniards surrendered a few hours after the start of the battle and were imprisoned, but eventually allowed to return to Spain. 

4.Which city is famous for its granite and its oil? 

a. Dundee 

b. Inverness 

c. Aberdeen

5.What is a ‘bawbee’?

a. animal 

b. fruit 

c. coin

6.Which company pioneered the brewing of lager in Scotland? 

a. Tennents 

b. McEwans 

c. Budweiser

7.Who pioneered the use of quinine as a cure for malaria? 

a. Norman Grist 

b. George Cleghorn 

c. Sir Charles Bell

8.How long is the Skye Road Bridge?

a. 1,705 feet 

b. 2,705 feet 

c. 4,705 feet

9.What does the term ‘whillie-wa’ mean?

a. to whistle 

b. to tell a lie 

c. to procrastinate

10.Which performer’s tombstone bears the epitaph, in Gaelic, ‘I told you I was ill’?

a. Sir Harry Lauder 

b. Rikki Fulton 

c. Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan was a comedian renowned for his spontaneous and chaotic humour. He had always joked that this would be his final message to the world and although the line caused controversy amongst his family and friends, it was eventually added to his tombstone two years after his death in 2002. 

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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