_______________________Week 51_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Cairngorm Mountains, eastern Highlands

1.When was a High Chief appointed for all the branches of Clan Donald? 

a. 1747 

b. 1847

c. 1947

2.What is the capital of Bute which was once a popular holiday resort?

a. Mount Stuart 

b. Dunoon 

c. Rothesay

3.What would you do with ‘breeks’?

a. wear them 

b. eat them 

c. smoke them

‘Breeks’ are a man’s trousers, trews or breeches. The English word breeches is taken from the ‘breech’, the area of the body which the garment covers. 

4.After the Lord Advocate, who is the senior law officer in Scotland?

a. Chief Constable

b. Lord High Constable 

c. Solicitor-General

5.Which family united the Scottish kingdom in 843?

a. Alpin family 

b. Henderson family 

c. Kinloch family

6.What is a ‘croft’?

a. large island 

b. church 

c. small plot of land

7.American Scot John Campbell founded the first newspaper in the USA. What was it called?

a. Boston Newsletter 

b. Washington Post 

c. New York Tribune 

John Campbell, a bookseller and postmaster of Boston was the first editor of the USA’s first continuously published newspaper. The paper’s first issue was on the 24th April 1704. 

8.In what year did Tony Blair resign as Prime Minister of the UK?

a. 2005 

b. 2006 

c. 2007

9.Where in Scotland did Bonnie Prince Charlie first set foot in 1745? 

a. Eriskay 

b. Inverness 

c. Perth

Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) first landed on Scottish soil in 1745 on the Isle of Eriskay between South Uist and Barra in the Outer Hebrides. 

10.Which clan do you associate with Islay?

a. Campbell 

b. MacLeod 

c. MacLean

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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