_______________________Week 52_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Fairy Pools, Skye

1.Which band had a 1970s hit with ‘Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep’? 

a. Across the Road 

b. End of the Road

c. Middle of the Road

2.Leon Jackson won the TV talent show the The X Factor in 2007. What was the title of his debut single?

a. ‘When You Believe’ 

b. ‘Bleeding Love’ 

c. ‘Leave Right Now’

3.Which clan held the ancient lands of Cassillis in southwest Scotland? 

a. Farquharson 

b. Johnston 

c. Kennedy

4.What was the most southern city reached by the Jacobite army in 1745?

a. Derby

b. Manchester

c. York

The Jacobites, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, reached Derby on 4th December 1745. After meeting with his key advisors in what is today the upstairs room of a Derby pub, Bonnie Prince Charlie finally, and angrily, accepted the need to retreat back to Scotland. 

5.Who starred and sang in the film To Sir With Love alongside  Sydney Poitier?

a. Barbara Streisland 

b. Lulu 

c. Lisa Minelli

6.Where is ‘Fingal’s Cave’, which inspired the composer Mendelssohn?

a. Muckle Flugga 

b. Canna 

c. Staffa

7.When was the Battle of the Boyne? 

a. 1658 

b. 1690 

c. 1692

8.How many letters are there in what is believed to be the longest place name in Ireland?

a. 20 

b. 22 

c. 24

Its name is Muckanaghederdauhaulia and is situated in County Galway. The translation of the Irish is ‘pig- marsh between two seas’. It is not only believed to be the longest place name in Ireland, but also the longest port name in the world. 

9.What is the link between broadcaster Terry Wogan, author Kate O’Brien and opera singer Catherine Hayes?

a. all born in Limerick 

b. all went to Liverpool University

c. all were born in the same year

10.Which of the following countries features a shamrock on its passport stamp, to signify the Irish heritage of some of its citizens?

a. Montserrat 

b. USA 

c. Malawi

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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