_______________________Week 55_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Finnich Glen

1.Which US General’s grandfather was born in Glasgow in 1817? 

a. Patton 

b. Eisenhower 

c. MacArthur

2.What do you call someone from the island of Islay?

a. Ileach 

b. Islayman 

c. Islesman

3.What was the last James Bond film that starred Sean Connery?

a. Never Say Never Again 

b. Goldeneye 

c. Casino Royale

Sir Sean Connery (born in Edinburgh in 1930) made his first James Bond film Dr No in 1963. He continued in the role until Diamonds are Forever in 1971 when Roger Moore took over. Connery returned for a final Bond appearance in Never Say Never Again in 1983. 

4.Who is the principal judge of the ‘Court of Session’?

a. Lord Advocate 

b. Solicitor-General 

c. Lord President

5.When did Robert the Bruce reign?

a. 1289-1306 

b. 1306-1329 

c. 1329-1342

6.In 973 King Kenneth of Scotland was given a palace to use in London. The land on which this palace stood is now known as what?

a. Hyde Park 

b. Scotland Yard 

c. Hampstead Heath

7..Where is ‘Fingal’s Cave’, which inspired the composer Mendelssohn? 

a. Arran 

b. Mull 

c. Staffa

Staffa lies off the coast of the Isle of Mull. The cave with its basaltic features was visited by the composer Mendelssohn in 1829 and inspired his overture. 

8.What is the ‘Barnett Formula’?

a. public expenditure method of calculation 

b. Scottish racing car

c. method of examining Scottish school results

9.Which dukes earned the nickname ‘Cock of the North’? 

a. Sutherland 

b. Gordon 

c. Atholl

10.Where, according to Robert Louis Stevenson, did ‘the delicate die early’?

a. Glasgow 

b. Fort William 

c. Edinburgh

The writer Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh in 1850. His comment about the ‘delicate dying early’ referred to the damp, cold climate and the unhealthy, crowded conditions of the tenements (apartments) lining the Royal Mile. 

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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