_______________________Week 56_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Urquhart Castle

1.What was the name of the first band formed by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart?

a. The Eurythmics 

b. The Aerobics 

c. The Tourists

2.From what did Irvine Laidlaw make his fortune in 2004?

a. media and conferences 

b. textiles 

c. oil

3.Which clan chiefs were given the title Earl Marischal in 1458? 

a. Keith 

b. Jardine 

c. Murray

4.Which of the following lies furthest east?

a. Fort Augustus 

b. Huntly 

c. Kyle of Lochalsh

5.When did the first book on clan tartans appear?

a. 1731 

b. 1781 

c. 1831

6.What do the ‘Registers of Scotland’ look after?

a. marriage records 

b. property records 

c. birth certificates

The ‘Registers of Scotland’ offices based at Meadowbank in Edinburgh provide comprehensive records and data on property and land sales throughout the country. 

7.Which clan name’s English version is Bartholomew? 

a. MacDonnel 

b. MacFarlane 

c. Barclay

8.When did Rockall, part of St Kilda, officially become part of the UK? 

a. 1855 

b. 1955 

c. 2005

The UK formally claimed the uninhabited Rockall, which is just 70 feet high, on September 18th, 1955 in order to stop the Soviets from spying on UK missile tests. Rockall was within reach of planned guided missile ranges and the British Government feared that foreign spies could use Rockall as an observation post. 

9.Which actor played lead roles in the films Trainspotting C and Shallow Grave?

a. John Hannah 

b. Robbie Coltrane 

c. Ewan McGregor

10.Approximately how many Canadians are thought to have Scottish blood?

a. 1 in 3 

b. 1 in 6 

c. 1 in 10

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

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