_______________________Week 57_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland

1.What did King Lulech and King Duncan II have in common?

a. both had multiple wives 

b. both were slain 

c. both died childless

2.Which Scottish bird of prey feeds almost entirely on fish? 

a. sea eagle 

b. golden eagle 

c. osprey

Fishermen and egg collectors had helped kill off the native osprey and it was thought to have disappeared completely until a pair was spotted on Speyside in 1952. Today this highly protected bird is gradually making a comeback. 

3.From which 1842 book are a number of today’s clan tartans derived? 

a. Vestiarum Scoticum 

b. Scottish Gael

c. Original Encyclopaedia of Clans and Tartans

4.What does the ‘Royal Fine Art Commission’ advise on?

a. design of buildings 

b. art masterworks

c. important Scottish paintings

5.Which Roman wall runs between Bo’ness and Glasgow? 

a. Antonine 

b. Hadrians 

c. Flodden

The wall marking the northernmost frontier of the 

Roman empire was constructed during the reign of Emperor Antonius Pius in AD 143. It was some 37 miles long with a series of garrison forts of which Rough Castle is one of the survivors today. 

6.From which part of Scotland did American President Nixon’s ancestors come from?

a. Ayrshire 

b. Lanarkshire 

c. Dumfriesshire

7.Which Scottish king was the subject of a play by William Shakespeare?

a. Macbeth 

b. King Richard III 

c. Hamlet

8.What was the title of singer Sandi Thom’s debut single?

a. ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker’ 

b. ‘Lonely Girl’

c. ‘What If I’m Right?’

9.Where in 1853 was the first ‘Caledonian Club’ founded in the USA? 

a. Boston 

b. New York 

c. North Carolina

10.In which month does the ‘rut’ among red deer stags begin?

a. August 

b. September 

c. November

The answer will be updated next week

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