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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions


1.In golf what is the name of the part of the club that strikes the ball? 

a. club 

b. face 

c. front

2.Who was Chair of the important Royal Commission on the Constitution?

a. Queen 

b. Lord Kilbrandon 

c. Lord Sempill

3.Emigrants from which clan founded Glengarry County, Ontario in Canada?

a. MacFarlane 

b. MacDonald 

c. MacDonell

4.In which month do migrating ospreys usually arrive in Scotland from West Africa?

a. February 

b. April 

c. June

5.Who wrote ‘Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect’?

a. JohnBarbour 

b. William Dunbar 

c. Robert Burns

6.What is Edinburgh’s Civic Trust, the heritage and conservation organisation, also known as?

a. Cockburn Association 

b. Burns Association 

c. Scott Association

‘The Cockburn Association’, named after the eminent lawyer and conservationist Henry, Lord Cockburn (1779-1854), was set up in 1875 to act as a pressure group on conservation issues relating to the preservation of Edinburgh’s buildings and landscape, and in which it continues to play an active role. 

7.Who discovered the concept of fluorescence in 1833? 

a. John Hunter 

b. Joseph Lister 

c. Sir David Brewster

In a paper read before the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1833, Sir David Brewster described a remarkable phenomenon he had discovered, and to which he gave the name ‘internal dispersion’. Brewster discovered the phenomenon upon shining a beam of sunlight into a green solution. 

8.Which island is most famous for distinctive peaty whisky? 

a. Skye 

b. Orkney 

c. Islay

9.What does the Gaelic word ‘plaid’ mean?

a. tartan 

b. blanket 

c. kilt

10.Scottish singer/songwriter KT Tunstall attended primary school in which of the following towns?

a. Arbroath 

b. St Andrews 

c. Largs

The answer will be updated next week

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