_______________________Week 61_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

The Pent Hills

1.Which Scottish American made the ‘liberty or death’ speeches during the USA War of Independence?

a. Andrew Hamilton 

b. Patrick Henry 

c. Benjamin Franklin 

2.Which of the following places lies furthest west?

a. Crieff 

b. Dundee 

c. Dalmally

3.Which poet went to see Queen Victoria at Balmoral, but was turned away at the gate?

a. Alfred Lord Tennyson 

b. William Topaz McGonagall 

c. Robert Burns

4.What is ‘Desperate Dan’?

a. MSP 

b. Glasgow pop group 

c. cartoon character

‘Desperate Dan’, a big, stubble-chinned cowboy who always eats cow pies, first appeared in a comic in 1937 published by the Dundee firm DC Thomsons. 

5.Who wrote The Wealth of Nations, published in 1776? 

a. Robert Burns 

b. James Boswell 

c. Adam Smith

Adam Smith was probably Scotland’s most influential philosopher whose book The Wealth of Nations has had a lasting impact on economic theory. 

6.St Kilda, 165km west of mainland Scotland, is the remotest inhabited Scottish island. Members of which organisation have lived there since 1969?

a. Tibetan monks 

b. Ministry of Defence 

c. Norwegian fishermen

7.What was the Reverend Robert Walker doing in Raeburn’s C famous portrait?

a. skating 

b. preaching 

c. curling

8.Which famous Scottish school was founded by Kurt Hahn in 1934?

a. Gordonstoun 

b. Rudolf Steiner 

c. Glenalmond

9.Who played the bagpipes during the battle of the ‘Alamo’ at San Antonio, Texas?

a. Jim Bowie 

b. John McGregor 

c. Davy Crockett

10.Where was Scotland’s first lighthouse?

a. Sumburgh Head (Shetland) 

b. Isle of May (Firth of Forth) 

c. Mull of Galloway

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