_______________________Week 63_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions


1.At which battle did the men of Hawick utter the war cry ‘teribus ye teri odin’?

a. Battle of Culloden 

b. Battle of Bannockburn 

c. Battle of Flodden 

In 1513, 30,000 Scots troops, including the men of Hawick, went into battle against 20,000 English troops at the ‘Battle of Flodden’. Although outnumbered, the English had better equipment and won a major victory over the Scots. 

2.Where was Britain’s most northerly coal mine, until it closed in 1974?

a. Brora 

b. Banchory 

c. Buckie

3.Which foreign composer wrote the Scottish Symphony?

a. Edwin Greig 

b. Hector Berlioz 

c. Felix Mendelssohn 

4.Which clan’s motto is ‘This I’II defend’?

a. Cunningham 

b. Hay

c. MacFarlane

5.Which clan name comes from the Gaelic for ‘man of peace’? 

a. Forsyth 

b. Fraser 

c. Farquharson

6.What animal lies at the foot of the ‘Scott Monument’ in Princes Street, Edinburgh?

a. cat

b. dog 

c. snake

The Scott Monument is over 200 feet tall and takes a total of 287 steps to reach the top. It is dedicated to the memory of the author Sir Walter Scott who died in 1832. 

7.What does the term ‘feileadh mor’ mean?

a. little kilt 

b. big kilt 

c. big bonnet

8.What planning proposal for Edinburgh was rejected after M protests in the 1960s?

a. build a motorway through the city centre

b. demolish Edinburgh Castle 

c. build a Scottish Parliament

9.Which famous writer was an English spy in Scotland before the Act of Union of 1707?

a. Samuel Pepys 

b. Daniel Defoe 

c. Charles Dickens

10.Which one of the following animals is a principal character in the book Wind in the Willows?

a. fish

b. toad 

c. heron

The answer will be updated next week

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