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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Perth, Scotland

1.Who played the lead role in the 1986 movie Highlander?

a. Christopher Lambert 

b. Sean Connery 

c. Dougray Scott

Highlander was a fantasy film that flipped back and forth between ancient Scotland and modern New York. While Sean Connery played Ramirez, an Egyptian- Spanish dandy, the lead role went to the French actor, Christopher Lambert. 

2.Which school did German educator Kurt Hahn set up?

a. Gordonstoun 

b. Glenalmond 

c. Loretto

3.Where were the first ‘skyscrapers’ in 18th century Europe? 

a. Glasgow 

b. Dundee 

c. Edinburgh

4.In which three month period are you most likely to suffer from ‘midge bites’?

a. April-June 

b. June-August 

c. August-October

The Highland midge is a tiny, mosquito-like insect that thrives in warm, humid conditions. On still summer evenings, especially on the west coast, the female midges come out in their millions in search of blood. 

5.What type of woman, in Old Scots, is a ‘reekin lum’ (smoking chimney)?

a. one who swears a lot 

b. one who nags a lot 

c. one who smokes a lot

6.When was the ‘Piper Alpha’ disaster in the North Sea in which 167 people died?

a. 1978 

b. 1988 

c. 1998

7.What was one of the nicknames that the Jacobites of 1688-1715 called King William III?

a. Willie-Winkie

b. Humpty Dumpty 

c. King of Spades 

8.Who bought the entire island of Lewis and Harris in 1918?

a. Lord Leverhulme 

b. Andrew Carnegie 

c. 4th Marquess of Bute 

With a fortune made from commodities like soap, Lord Leverhulme bought the whole of the island of Lewis and Harris in 1918 and spent £875,000 over the next five years in a failed bid to transform the islands into a haven of enterprise and prosperity. 

9.Which castle is the home of the Dukes of Sutherland?

a. Dunvegan Castle

b. Glamis Castle 

c. Dunrobin Castle

10.When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister of the UK in 2007, he was the MP for which Scottish constituency?

a. Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath 

b. Dunfermline East

c. Dunfermline West

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