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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Fort Augustus

1.What did the words ‘How can I be sad on my wedding day?’ refer to in 1707?

a. royal wedding of Queen Anne 

b. anniversary of Mary, Queen of Scots’ death 

c. Act of Union with England

2.Which town is furthest north?

a. Perth 

b. Livingston 

c. Ballater

3.What do ‘Fat Bob’, ‘Soapy Soutar’ and ‘Wee Eck’ have in common? 

a. members of the Scottish Parliament 

b. actors in TV show Taggart

c. characters in the Oor Wullie cartoon series

The Oor Wullie cartoon strip appears every week
in The Sunday Post, Scotland’s biggest circulation Sunday newspaper. This venerable institution features Wullie, a miniature Scots philosopher with spiky hair usually seated on an upturned bucket, musing about the meaning of life in broad Scots dialect. He is often surrounded by these friends. 

4.Which Glasgow-founded worldwide organisation celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2008?

a. Girls Brigade 

b. Boys Brigade 

c.Scouts 471

5.Where did the Shawfield Riots take place in 1725? 

a. Glasgow 

b. Inverness 

c. Perth

In 1725 a new tax on beer, along with general resentment towards the Act of Union in 1707, caused a riot in Glasgow. The protesters burnt down Shawfield House, the home of the MP Duncan Campbell. 

6.On which island was the last great auk in the British Isles killed? 

a. Mull 

b. South Uist 

c. St Kilda

7.What does the term ‘feileadh beg’ refer to?

a. big kilt 

b. little kilt 

c. original kilt

8.Which industry do you associate with the Trade Union leader,Mick McGahey?

a. coalmining 

b. shipbuilding 

c. railways

9.With which clan was the ‘Brahan Seer’ associated? 

a. Mackinnon 

b. Mackenzie 

c. Mackintosh

Kenneth Mackenzie, better known as ‘Coinneach Odhar’ or the ‘Brahan Seer’, was born in Lewis at the start of the 17th century. Legend has it that whilst in his teens he received a stone through which he could reveal the destiny of man. His fame spread far and wide and he was sought after for his prophecies by the gentry throughout Scotland. 

10.Which group of islands boasts the largest colony of gannets in Britain? 

a. Small Isles 

b. Summer Isles 

c. St Kilda

The answer will be updated next week

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