_______________________Week 66_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Moffat – Burgh in Scotland

1.During clan marriages, the bride and the groom used to make payments to each other. What was the term given to the payment made by the bride?

a. jigle 

b. tocher 

c. dowry

2.What film did James McAvoy star in with Keira Knightley?

a. Atonement 

b. The Last King of Scotland

c. The Chronicles of Narnia

3.Who invented the process for making steel from bar iron? 

a. David Mushet 

b. James Watt 

c. Horace Lawrence

4.In which city would you find ‘Claypotts Castle’ and N ‘Camperdown Park’?

a. Dundee

b. Aberdeen 

c. Inverness

5.What are the two main soccer teams in Edinburgh known as?

a. Hearts and Hibs 

b. Celtic and Rangers 

c. United and City

6.Which Stirlingshire boarding school is for children of men and women in the armed services?

a. Glenalmond 

b. Gordonstoun 

c. Queen Victoria

7.Which clan takes its name from the 13th century warrior ‘Gillean of the Battleaxe’?

a. MacLean 

b. MacIan 

c. MacGillivray

8.Which island lies furthest north?

a. Lewis 

b. North Uist 

c. Mull

9.Which book about drugs and crime is set in Edinburgh and Leith?

a. Heart of Midlothian 

b. Sherlock Holmes’ Last Case

c. Trainspotting

10.What does ‘MSP’ stand for?

a. Member of the Scottish Parliament

b. Master Spurtler of Porridge 

c. Most Senior Politician

The answer will be updated next week

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