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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Cullen, moray

1.Which famous writer was called ‘Tusitala’ (teller of tales)? 

a. Robert Burns 

b. Robert Fergusson

c. Robert Louis Stevenson

The widely travelled writer Robert Louis Stevenson settled in Samoa in 1890 where he earned the title ‘Tusitala’ (teller of tales). Upon his death at age 44 in 1894, he was buried by island chiefs at the top of Mount Vaea in Samoa. 

2.To whom do you swear allegiance on becoming a Member of the Scottish Government?

a. Robert the Bruce 

b. Queen 

c. God

3.Which Saint is said to have seen the Loch Ness Monster in the sixth century?

a. St Mungo 

b. St Ninian 

c. St Columba

4.Approximately how many acres of steelwork are there in the Forth Railway Bridge?

a. 65 

b. 105 

c. 145

The famous red, cantilevered bridge that carries trains across the Firth of Forth to and from Edinburgh was opened in 1890. It took seven years to build and cost the lives of 57 men. 

5.Who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969 with ‘Boom-Bang-a-Bang’?

a. Rod Stewart 

b. Sheena Easton 

c. Lulu

6.The singer Sydney Devine was born in Cleland, Lanarkshire in 1940. How many albums did he sell throughout his career?

a. one million 

b. five million 

c. fifteen million

7.Which Scottish clan confederation do the ‘Macphersons’, ‘Macphails’ and ‘Davidsons’ belong to?

a. Clan Chattan 

b. Clan Campbell 

c. Clan Donald

8.Where in Russia would you find ‘Maclean Street’?

a. Minsk 

b. Moscow 

c. St Petersburg

John MacLean of Glasgow was probably Scotland’s best-known revolutionary. A committed socialist, he was appointed Bolshevik consul for Scotland by Lenin in 1917. 

9.The war dress of the medieval Scot was referred to as what?

a. leine feileadh 

b. leine plaid 

c. leine croich

10.What did the ‘Rootes’ company produce in Scotland until the 1960s?

a. family history guides 

b. cars 

c. blended whisky

The answer will be updated next week

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