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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Inverness – Scotland

1.Who wrote The Steps to the Empty Throne?

a. Nigel Tranter 

b. Iain Banks 

c. Ian Rankin 

Nigel Tranter was a prolific historical novelist who wrote over 110 books including The Steps to the Empty Throne. He was born in Glasgow, and died in 2000. 

2.When was North Sea Oil first discovered?

a. 1960s 

b. 1970s 

c. 1980s

3.Which of these US Civil War generals claimed the longest Scots’ ancestry?

a. Ulysses S Grant 

b. Robert E Lee 

c. Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson 

4.In which city would you find ‘Orange Walks’ taking place?

a. Glasgow 

b. Aberfeldy 

c. St Andrews

‘Orange Walks’ have been held in Glasgow since 1872 and are held on the Saturday before the 12th of July, celebrating the victory of King William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne. 

5.With which clan are the septs ‘Docherty’, ‘Gregory’ and  ‘McAdam’ associated?

a. MacPherson 

b. MacGregor

c. Scott

6.Which popular youth organisation was founded in Glasgow?

a. Boy Scouts 

b. Boys Brigade 

c. Girl Guides

7.What made the first crossing of the Atlantic from East Lothian to New York in 1919?

a. airship

b. balloon 

c. airplane

8.‘Sika’, ‘Roe’ and ‘Fallow’ are all types of which animal?

a. pony 

b. sheep 

c. deer

9.What sort of person is a ‘dubskelper’?

a. drunk 

b. violent 

c. reckless

10.The mother of one of America’s most infamous outlaws, Butch Cassidy, came from where in Scotland?

a. Largs 

b. Forfar 

c. Stirling

Born Robert Leroy Parker in 1866, ‘Butch’ was the first child of Ann Campbell, a Scottish Mormon from Stirling. He became a notorious train and bank robber along with his partner the ‘Sundance Kid’, another member of the Wild Bunch. He is widely believed to have died in South America in 1909, but many believed he faked his death at that time. 

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