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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Scottish Highlands

1.Why did James Stirling, who invented the mathematical ‘Stirling Theorem’, not graduate from university?

a. he was murdered 

b. his strong support for the Jacobite cause

c. he failed his exams

2.Where would you find the ‘Old Man of Hoy’?

a. Greyfriars Cemetery 

b. Antonine wall 

c. Orkney Islands 

3.Which saint introduced Christianity to southwest Scotland?

a. St Ninian 

St Ninian is considered to be Scotland’s first saint, with his mission to preach Christianity beginning in AD 397. He was based at Whithorn in southwest Scotland and built the ‘Candida Casa’ or ‘White House’ there. 

b. St Colomba 

c. St Andrew

4.When were the last bridge tolls scrapped in Scotland?

a. July 2007 

b. February 2008 

c. July 2008

5.After which battle was American Scot James Forsyth suspended from duty?

a. Little Big Horn 

b. Bull Run 

c. Wounded Knee

6.Inverness is situated on which firth?

a. Moray Firth 

b. Solway Firth 

c. Firth of Forth 

7.When was the Hollywood epic Braveheart released?

a. 1975 

b. 1985 

c. 1995

The original script for Braveheart was written by a struggling American writer, Randall Wallace, after a visit to Edinburgh in 1983. 12 years later it became a box office hit in the hands of actor, director and producer, Mel Gibson. 

8.Which regiment is also known as ‘Princess Louise’s’?

a. Black Watch 

b. Royal Scots Greys

c. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

9.Which was the first English town to surrender to the Jacobite army in 1745?

a. Newcastle 

b. Berwick 

c. Carlisle

10.Where are both Earl Haig and Sir Walter Scott buried?

a. Melrose Abbey 

b. Jedburgh Abbey 

c. Dryburgh Abbey

The answer will be updated next week

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