_______________________Week 78_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

 Loch Shiel

1.What does the phrase to ‘live in the cauld bark’ mean? 

a. to be dead and buried 

b. to live alone

c. to be married with children

2.James Clerk Maxwell produced the world’s first colour photo. What was it of?

a. Ben Nevis 

b. sunrise over Edinburgh castle 

c. tartan ribbon

Born in Edinburgh in the early 19th century, Maxwell was a mathematician and physicist and produced the world’s first colour photograph in 1861 whilst working at Kings College in London. 

3.Which city did Sir Colin Campbell relieve during the Indian Mutiny of 1857?

a. Delhi 

b. Calcutta 

c. Lucknow

4.In what area does the Mull of Kintyre lie?

a. Angus

b. Argyll 

c. Highland and Islands

5.How were Roy Williamson and Ronnie Brown better known?

a. The Humblebums 

b. The Proclaimers 

c. The Corries

6.Who first pioneered the use of fingerprints for catching criminals?

a. Henry Faulds 

b. Sir Charles Bell 

c. Professor John Mallard

Born in 1843 and hailing from North Ayrshire, Faulds attended Glasgow University and is credited with pioneering the forensic use of fingerprints after his own hospital was broken into. 

7.Which clan name derives from the meaning ‘Son of the Harper’? 

a. McGuinness 

b. MacClarsach 

c. MacWhirter

8.Which University town had the first medical school in the UK in 1505?

a. Aberdeen 

b. Edinburgh 

c. Glasgow

9.Who wrote the novel Waverley?

a. Muriel Spark 

b. Robert Louis Stevenson 

c. Sir Walter Scott

Scott wrote this famous historical novel in 1814 based on the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. Scott was born in 1771 and was lame throughout his life due to childhood polio. He began his literary career at the age of 25, in part influenced by his one and only meeting with the poet Robert Burns ten years earlier. 

10.Which modern designer has often been inspired by the kilt in her fashion shows?

a. Stella McCartney 

b. Vivienne Westwood 

c. Coco Chanel

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