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So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Scottish Highlands

1.Of which battle in the 1715 Jacobite uprising was it said that ‘neither side won’?

a. Sheriffmuir 

b. Stirling 

c. Prestonpans 

The ‘Battle of Sheriffmuir’ took place on 13th November 1715 between the Government forces, under the Duke of Argyll, and the Jacobites, under the Earl of Mar, on moorland near Dunblane. Technically, the Hanoverian side under the Duke of Argyll won the day, as the Jacobite uprising collapsed soon afterwards. 

2.Where is the ‘Brig O’Doon’?

a. Ayr 

b. Aberfeldy 

c. Aviemore

3.Who was the Scots star of a Life Less Ordinary?

a. Allan Cumming 

b. Tom Conti 

c. Ewan McGregor

4.What was the nickname of Chief Superintendent McVitie in the TV show Taggart?

a. The Doughnut 

b. The Biscuit 

c. The Bobby

5.Which town in Malawi, Africa is named after David Livingstone’s birthplace?

a. Wishaw 

b. Lanark 

c. Blantyre

Born in 1813, David Livingstone became a missionary doctor in Africa, reaching out to people in the continent to release them from slavery and introduce them to Christianity. He was the first European to travel across the width of South Africa. 

6.In what part of Scotland does Balmoral lie?

a. Deeside 

b. Fife 

c. Lanarkshire

7.What type of novels is Iain Banks famous for?

a. horror 

b. science fiction 

c. romance

8.Where were the various parts of the Falkirk Wheel constructed and assembled?

a. Lanarkshire 

b. Derbyshire 

c. Aberdeen

9.In 1917, who became the world’s first professor of tuberculosis? 

a. James Simpson 

b. John Premantle 

c. Robert Philip

10.How long is Scotland’s longest river, the River Tay? 

a. 90 miles 

b. 120 miles 

c. 210 miles

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