_______________________Week 84_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions


1.What is a ‘bawbee’?

a. animal 

b. fruit 

c. coin

2.Which company pioneered the brewing of lager in Scotland?

a. Tennents 

b. McEwans 

c. Budweiser

3.Who pioneered the use of quinine as a cure for malaria? 

a. Norman Grist 

b. George Cleghorn 

c. Sir Charles Bell

4.How long is the Skye Road Bridge?

a. 1,705 feet 

b. 2,705 feet 

c. 4,705 feet

5.What does the term ‘whillie-wa’ mean?

C a. to whistle 

b. to tell a lie 

c. to procrastinate

6.Which performer’s tombstone bears the epitaph, in Gaelic, ‘I told you I was ill’?

a. Sir Harry Lauder 

b. Rikki Fulton 

c. Spike Milligan

7.Who was John Sakeouse, who caused a sensation when he arrived at Leith in 1816 and showed off his canoe?

a. transatlantic sailor 

b. Olympic athlete 

c. Eskimo 

8.What is ‘Barlinnie’?

a. prison 

b. statue 

c. castle 

9.What is Jack Vettriano famous for?

a. writing 

b. golf 

c. painting

10.What resolution did the USA Senate pass in 1998?

a. honour Burns’ birthday 

b. give President Clinton a Scottish passport

c. celebrate Tartan Day

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