_______________________Week 86_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Tobermory, Isle of Mull

1.Whose books feature the policeman Jack Laidlaw?

a. Ian Rankin 

b. John Buchan 

c. William McIlvanney 

2.What did John Lawson Johnston from Edinburgh invent?

a. Bovril 

b. hot chocolate 

c. tea

3.Where did General Charles Gordon die in 1885? 

a. Khartoum 

b. Calcutta 

c. Kabul

4.Which of the following areas is particularly renowned for the quality of its beef?

a. Fife 

b. Lanarkshire 

c. Aberdeenshire 

Aberdeen-Angus cattle were first bred in the late 18th century. Today the breed produces some of the best beef in the world, especially when reared on the rich grazing land of Aberdeenshire and Angus. 

5.What is a ‘whang o’ kebruch’?

a. lump of cheese 

b. bowl of soup 

c. bag of oatmeal 

6.Who looks after the network of canals in Scotland?

a. Scottish Water 

b. Scottish Hydro 

c. British Waterways

7.James Lind, an 18th Century Royal Naval Surgeon, specialised in what field?

a. amputation 

b. alcoholism 

c. scurvy 

8.What river runs through Glasgow?

a. River Clyde 

b. River Tweed 

c. River Tay 

Glasgow originally marked the first place on the Clyde that was crossable by a ford. In time, the river was dredged to allow the city to develop what was then the largest shipbuilding industry in the world. 

9.What is the ancient Scottish name for a wizard?

a. jester 

b. warlock 

c. waukrife

10.Who is patron of the Scottish Rugby Union?

a. Prince Charles 

b. Princess Anne 

c. Prince William

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