_______________________Week 87_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Peebles Old Parish Church – Peebles, Church of Scotland

1.Who won a decisive victory for the future British Empire in India at Seringapatam in 1799?

a. General Charles Gordon 

b. Sir Robert Clive 

c. Sir David Baird 

Scotsman Sir David Baird was born in 1757 and joined the British Army fifteen years later. He rose through the ranks leading many successful expeditions after Seringapatam, India and died in 1829. 

2.In which area is the old university town of St Andrews?

a. Angus 

b. Fife 

c. Argyll

3.Name the Scots actor who starred in the film The Full Monty.

a. Ewan McGregor

b. Allan Cumming 

c. Robert Carlyle

4.Approximately how many bottles of Scotch whisky are consumed every year?

a. 1 billion 

b. 2 billion 

c. 5 billion

5.Who was nicknamed ‘Harry the Ninth, uncrowned King of Scotland’? 

a. Sir Harry Lauder 

b. Sir Harold MacMillan

c. Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville

Henry Dundas (1742-1811) was one of the most powerful men of his time, becoming Lord Advocate, Treasurer of the Navy, Home Secretary and Secretary of State for War. He was renowned for his control of elections to Parliamentary seats and his career ended under a cloud of financial corruption. 

6.What is the most southerly Munro (mountain over 3,000 feet) in Scotland?

a. Ben Lui 

b. Ben Lomond 

c. Ben Nevis

7.When was the world’s first female golf tournament held?

a. 1780 

b. 1810 

c. 1850

8.What was Sir David Brewster’s most famous invention?

a. spinning wheel 

b. kaleidoscope 

c. hurdy-gurdy

9.Where did the Old Pretender King James land on 22nd December 1715? 

a. Leith 

b. Greenock 

c. Peterhead

10.Which northeast coastal village was used as a backdrop in the film Local Hero?

a. Pennan 

b. Buckie 

c. Cullen

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