_______________________Week 89_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions


1.What does John Watson Nicol’s famous painting of 1883 Lochaber No More show?

a. tourist in Highlands

b. a stag at bay

c. emigrants leaving Scotland

2.Where is the most remote pub in mainland Britain?

a. Black Isle 

b. Inverie 

c. Oban

3.How many players are there in a curling team?

a. one 

b. four 

c. eight

4.In 2008 construction started on what kind of transport system in Edinburgh?

a. Underground metro 

b. cycle paths 

c. tramways

Work started in 2008 to build a tramway system across Edinburgh in order to provide a fast and environmentally friendly alternative to travel around an increasingly congested capital. 

5.Who was appointed by the Admiralty in 1818 to search for the North West Passage in Canada?

a. Captain John Ross 

b. Sir John Franklin 

c. Captain John Paul Jones 

Captain John Ross failed to find the North West Passage in 1881, but returned to Canada in 1828
to lead an expedition to again try and seek out the North West Passage and map the Arctic. He ended up stranded for almost four years. A small party, led by his nephew James Ross, also discovered the Magnetic North Pole. 

6.Where would you find ‘Arthur’s Seat’?

a. Arbroath 

b. Stonehaven 

c. Edinburgh 

7.What is a ‘Black Bun’?

a. fruit loaf 

b. cheese 

c. potato

8.Which whisky distiller set up the charity ‘The Gannochy Trust’?

a. Johnnie Walker 

b. William Grant 

c. Arthur Kinmond Bell 405

9.Which Union Flag was designed after the Union of the Crowns? 

a. Union Flag 

b. Saltire 

c. Lion Rampant

The current Union Flag, more commonly referred to as the ‘Union Jack’, is the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and is a composite design dating from 1801, made up of the St George’s cross, the St Andrew’s cross and the St Patrick’s cross. Before the Union of Ireland with Great Britain, the Union Flag only had the crosses of St George and St Andrew on it. 

10.What bridge would you cross over from Inverness to get to the ‘Black Isle’?

a. Kessock Bridge 

b. Erskine Bridge 

c. Tay Bridge

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