_______________________Week 90_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Glenfinnan Viaduct

1.In the toast ‘lang may your lum reek’, what is a ‘lum’?

a. chimney 

b. heart 

c. house

 2.What distinctive material did the pop group the ‘Bay City Rollers’ wear?

a. tartan 

b. plastic 

c. paisley pattern

3.Which leading scientist bequeathed his art collection to Glasgow University to form the basis of the Hunterian Museum?

a. William Hunter 

b. William Gregory 

c. Thomas James

4.In what area does Inverness lie?

a. Highlands 

b. Ayrshire 

c. Borders 

5.Which Scots actor starred in Harry Potter?

a. Gregor Fisher 

b. Robbie Coltrane 

c. Stanley Baxter

Lanarkshire-born Robbie Coltrane played the part of half-giant ‘Rubeus Hagrid’ in the Harry Potter films. Coltrane is also well-known as ‘Fitz’ in the TV series Cracker and has starred in many other TV and film roles. 

6.The band the Tourists had a hit with a cover of which Dusty Springfield song?

a. ‘I Only Want To Be With You’ 

b. ‘Bad Case of the Blues’

c. ‘A Love Like Yours’

7.Where did Bonnie Prince Charlie set up his court on entering Edinburgh in 1745?

a. Palace of Holyroodhouse 

b. Edinburgh Castle

c. Old Parliament Hall

8.What is the main ingredient of ‘Cullen Skink’? 

a. herring 

b. smoked haddock 

c. mussels

‘Cullen Skink’ is a thick fish soup made with smoked haddock. The soup is named after the fishing village of Cullen in northern Scotland and originally a ‘skink’ was made from a shin of beef. 

9.Which band’s debut album was called ‘Raintown’?

a. Wet Wet Wet 

b. Deacon Blue 

c. Texas

10.What was Islay-born bookseller and postmaster John Campbell responsible for introducing to America in 1704?

a. America’s first newspaper 

b. Presbyterian church 

c. railways

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