_______________________Week 91_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

The Tay Rail Bridge

1.An early example of what kind of game was discovered by chance on the Island of Lewis and is now in the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh?

a. dominoes 

b. chess 

c. bowls

The remarkable carved chess pieces, notably the king and queen, are Norse in origin and are notable for the facial expressions on each individual piece. They are on display in the Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh. 

2.What does the prefix ‘auchter’ mean in place names?

a. field 

b. bridge 

c. rock

3.What type of food is ‘Cullen Skink’?

a. lamb stew 

b. meat pie 

c. fish soup

4.What television show did singer Lena Zavaroni appear on in 1973 and which propelled her to stardom?

a. Mr and Mrs 

b. Opportunity Knocks 

c. The Generation Game

5.Which Scottish historian is known for his books on Culloden, Glencoe and the Highland Clearances?

a. Tom Devine 

b. Fitzroy MacLean 

c. John Prebble

6.What was discovered at Kildoran in the Highlands in the 1860s?

a. oil 

b. gold 

c. Scotland’s largest illicit whisky still 

7.Where would you find the Hunterian Museum?

a. Glasgow 

b. Fort William 

c. Kirkwall

The Hunterian Museum is Scotland’s oldest museum, and is based on the 18th century varied collections of William Hunter. 

8.What was the maiden name of Sarah, Duchess of York, before she married Prince Andrew?

a. Jameson 

b. Kerr 

c. Ferguson

9.What was the title of the book written by Robert Forbes, the Bishop of Ross and Cromarty, about the 1745 Jacobite uprising? 

a. The Lyon in Mourning 

b. Will ye no come back again

c. The Prince in the Heather

10.What is said to be the largest house in Scotland?

a. Bute House 

b. Bowhill House 

c. Hopetoun House

Found just outside Edinburgh at South Queensferry, this beautiful Georgian house was built in 1699 and has been the home of the Earls of Hopetoun ever since. It is currently managed by a charitable trust and is open to the public for viewing. 

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