_______________________Week 92_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

The Old Man of Storr, Skye.

1.Which of the following playstation games was made in Scotland?

a. Grand Theft Auto 

b. Final Fantasy 

c. Sin City

2.Of all the energy produced in Scotland, approximately what proportion is from hydro-electricity?

a. one eighth 

b. one quarter 

c. one third

3.Who is Caroline Oliphant, the author of ‘Charlie is my Darling’, better known as?

a. Countess of Wemyss 

b. Duchess of Atholl 

c. Lady Nairne 

4.In what area of Scotland does Glasgow lie?

a. Lanarkshire 

b. Strathclyde 

c. Argyll

5.What do Anna Park, Lizzie Paton and Jenny Clow have in common? 

a. all were witches in Macbeth 

b. all were maid servants of Mary, Queen of Scots 

c. all bore children to Robert Burns

6.Britain’s first ring road, known as the Kingsway, was opened in 1919. Where is it?

a. Dundee 

b. Glasgow 

c. Edinburgh

7.Who died of alcoholism in Rome in January 1788?

a. Lord Byron 

b. Robert Adam 

c. Charles Edward Stuart

8.What animal was supposedly killed off in Scotland in 1700?

a. wolf 

b. moose 

c. great auk

9.Which Scottish football team usually play in a strip of green and white horizontal stripes?

a. Dundee United 

b. Hearts 

c. Celtic

10.What returned to Scotland in April 2004 by road and sea?

a. Concorde 

b. Stone of Destiny 

c. Scottish crown jewels

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