_______________________Week 96_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions


1.Which Scottish singer popularised the song ‘A Scottish Soldier’?

a. Andy Stewart 

b. Kenneth McKellar 

c. Lulu

2.The Scottish Parliament was re-established in 1999. How many years ​had it been since Scotland had last had its own Parliament?

a. 92 years 

b. 192 years 

c. 292 years

3.Which nobleman led the opposition to the 1707 Act of Union?

a. Duke of Hamilton 

b. Duke of Buccleuch 

c. Duke of Sutherland

4.In what area does Aberdeen lie?

a. Grampian 

b. Borders 

c. Lothian

5.What is the Gaelic term for ‘Scotland’?

a. Caledonia 

b. Scotia 

c. Alba

6.Who approves the legislative bills voted for by the Scottish Parliament?

a. Queen 

b. Presiding Officer 

c. Lord Advocate

Her Majesty the Queen, as she does with bills presented to her by the Houses of Parliament in London, gives ultimate approval to legislation from the Scottish Parliament. 

7.Which University had the UK’s first Chair in medicine? 

a. Aberdeen 

b. St Andrews 

c. Dundee

Opened in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is the fifth oldest university in the UK and introduced the first chair of medicine in 1497. 

8.What is Glen Mhor otherwise known as?

a. Great Glen 

b. Lost Glen 

c. Highland Glen

9.What did Patrick Clark of Paisley first invent in 1805?

a. zips 

b. cotton sewing thread 

c. safety pins

10.Which famous politician was rejected by the voters of Dundee in 1922?

a. Winston Churchill 

b. David Lloyd George 

c. Neville Chamberlai

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