_______________________Week 99_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Culzean Castle

1.Which military order began with the words ‘You are hereby ordered to fall upon the rebels’?

a. Battle of Culloden 

b. Battle of Bannockburn

c. Massacre of Glencoe 

The tragedy of the Massacre of Glencoe (13th February 1692) remains one of the most quoted and yet misunderstood annals in Scottish history. The failure, for whatever reason, of the MacDonalds to take an oath of allegiance to the crown led to the killing order to be given. 

2.What is a ‘brash’?

a. piece of rough material 

b. flash flood

c. sudden gust of wind 

3.What musical instrument is a ‘clarsach’?

a. mandolin 

b. harpsichord 

c. Gaelic harp

4.Who had a hit in the 1960s with the song ‘Scottish Soldier’?

a. Jimmy Shand 

b. Andy Stewart 

c. Lonnie Donegan

5.Who invented the world’s first ultrasound pregnancy scanner in Glasgow?

a. Sir Alexander Fleming

b. Professor David Porteous

c. Professor Ian Donald

6.Which river was once said to be famous for salmon, ships and sugar?

a. River Clyde 

b. River Tay 

c. River Spey 

7.Which author created James Bond?

a. Graham Greene 

b. Alistair MacLean 

c. Ian Fleming 

Ian Fleming was part of a wealthy Scottish banking family and created the world’s best-known fictional spy as a Scot. According to his obituary in the film You Only Live Twice (when Bond is missing presumed dead), Bond’s father was Andrew Bond of Glencoe. 

8.Who won the snooker World Championships in 2007?

a. Stephen Hendry 

b. Alan McManus 

c. John Higgins 382

9.Which Earl of Orkney annexed the Faroe Islands and discovered Greenland in the 14th century?

a. Henry Sinclair 

b. Henry Henrikson 

c. Olaf Thorwaldsen

10.Who was the millionaire who built Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute?

a. Sir Thomas Lipton 

b. Tommy Dewar 

c. 3rd Marquess of Bute

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