_______________________Week 118_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions


1.Who or what was ‘Greyfriars Bobby’?

a. ginger cat 

b. small dog 

c. fictional policeman

‘Greyfriars’ Bobby’ was a Skye terrier who continued to visit his master’s grave in Greyfriars’ Kirkyard in Edinburgh long after his master had died. The terrier was made famous in a book by the American writer, Eleanor Atkinson, in 1912. 

2.If a woman was making a ‘cockernonie’ with her hair, what would she be doing with it?

a. cutting it 

b. letting it down 

c. pinning it up

3.At which battle site is the ‘Soldier’s Leap’? 

a. Culloden 

b. Killiecrankie 

c. Bannockburn

The Battle of Killiecrankie took place on 27th July 1689 between Government forces, under General Mackay, and the Jacobite army, led by ‘Bonnie Dundee’. During the fighting, one soldier apparently jumped across the gorge of the River Garry. 

4.Name the range of famous jagged peaks on the Isle of Skye. 

a. Cuillins 

b. Ochils 

c. Campsie Fells

5.Who is the hero in Mairi Hedderwick’s popular children’s stories set on the Isle of Struay?

a. Molly McFie 

b. Flora McKay 

c. Katie Morag

6.How long are members of the Scottish Parliament elected for?

a. two years 

b. three years 

c. four years

7.Who was reputedly once the richest man in the world?

a. Andrew Carnegie 

b. King James IV 

c. William Quarrier

8.How far apart is the source of the River Tweed from the source of the River Clyde?

a. two miles 

b. six miles 

c. twelve miles

The River Tweed begins its journey in the Scottish borders travelling eastwards towards Lanarkshire, a couple of miles from the source of the River Clyde 

9.Which Olympic champion died in a Japanese prisoner of war camp?

a. Eric Liddell 

b. Ellen King 

c. Wyndham Halswelle

10.How many caps for Scotland did footballer Tommy Burns win?

a. three 

b. eight 

c. twelve

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