_______________________Week 119_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Dean Village, Edinburg

1.Which clan’s motto is ‘royal is my race’? 

a. MacGregor 

b. Stuart 

c. MacAlpine

2.What is a ‘skene’?

a. musket 

b. short sword/dagger 

c. bow and arrow

3.What film portrayed the 1920s Olympic athlete, Eric Liddell?

a. Marathon Man 

b. For Whom the Bell Tolls 

c. Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire won an Oscar for best picture in 1981 and has strong Scottish connections, from its leading actor, Scotsman Ian Charleson, to the opening scene featuring athletes running across the West Sands beach at St Andrews. 

4.What proportion of UK timber production does Scotland contribute? 

a. quarter 

b. third 

c. half

5.Which English knight was killed by Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn? 

a. De Niro 

b. De Beauchamp 

c. De Bohun

6.What shell fish do you mainly associate with Loch Fyne? 

a. lobsters 

b. langoustines 

c. oysters

Scotland’s native oyster, once found in abundance in the Firth of Forth and the west coast, has been replaced by a cultivated variety, thanks to the pioneering work of Loch Fyne Oysters in Argyll. 

7.What does the old Scots word ‘haimert’ mean?

a. lonely 

b. homely 

c. broken

8.When was a memorial to the 78 men killed in the building of the Forth Railway Bridge opened?

a. 1917 

b. 1987 

c. 2007

9.What did James Clerk-Maxwell invent in 1861?

a. bicycle 

b. printing press 

c. first colour photograph

10.Which animal provides the wool for Scotland’s cashmere industry? 

a. llama 

b. sheep 

c. goat

The fine, soft wool to make cashmere comes from the Cashmere goat, originally from northern India, and also from the wild goat of Tibet. 

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