_______________________Week 121_______________________

So, you think you know Scotland?

Learn more about our scotland through weekly questions

Glenapp Castle

1.Who became Bishop of Orleans, wrote a Scottish mass, and was known as ‘Jean de St Michel’?

a. Joan of Arc 

b. John Knox 

c. John Carmichael

2.Which city hosts the main cattle sale for ‘Aberdeen-Angus’ bulls?

a. Perth 

b. Aberdeen 

c. Dundee

3.Who was Scotland’s most celebrated portrait painter of the early 19th century?

a. David Wilkie 

b. Sir Henry Raeburn 

c. Alan Ramsay 

4.Which Scotsman discovered ‘interferon’?

a. Sir Alexander Robertus Todd 

b. Alick Isaacs 

c. Harold Callan

5.In what area was Sir John Cockburn of Ormiston a pioneer in the 18th century?

a. chemistry 

b. mathematics 

c. agriculture

6.How many miles wide is Scotland at its widest point?

a. 154 miles 

b. 194 miles 

c. 254 miles

7.James Clerk Maxwell is known as the father of which modern science?

a. physics 

b. immunology 

c. microbiology 

8.What is the ‘Fraser of Allander Institute’?

a. college of education 

b. research trust 

c. acting school

9.Which feature of bank notes was first introduced in Scotland? 

a. colour 

b. pictures 

c. watermarks

10.Which Angus village was ‘Thrums’ in the novels of JM Barrie, author of Peter Pan?

a. Tannadice 

b. Kirriemuir 

c. Letham

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