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MacKenzie Style Blog

This month is all about Clan MacKenzie and its beautiful tartans with natural shades of green and brown. By looking to the catwalk, we have some inspirational ideas for how to style this tartan into your everyday outfits! Trend forecasting website WGSN states that a pastel shade of green being named ‘neo mint’ will be […]

Clan Hay – Castles & Vampires

Who would have thought that some of the inspiration for Dracula, the quintessential vampire novel set between England and deepest, darkest Transylvania would have come from one of the Hay family castles? We just had to investigate further to find out more about what Bram Stoker saw in New Slains Castle near Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire. […]

Clan of the Month – Terrific Thom(p)sons

What’s in a name? The name Thom(p)son is patronymic in nature, meaning that the family name comes from the personal name of the family’s father. Therefore, the name means, ‘son of Thom’. The use of the suffix ‘son’ is more common throughout the lowland clans, with it being the anglicised version of ‘Mac’. Hence, ‘Mac’ is used […]

Unleash your inner tartan: Clan MacKay

Since creating our new Clan Pages I have developed a whole new love of researching the tumultuous and intricate histories of each individual clan. Today I take a look at the dramatic background of one of the Highlands most powerful clans – The MacKays. Our story of the MacKay family begins in the 13th Century with the birth of Iye […]

Haud on, Whats Hodden Grey?

In recent months we have visited the big smoke of London to meet and measure our lovely customers down South. Our gorgeous venue for these visits has been the London Scottish House on Horseferry Road in Westminster. (Previously of Buckingham Gate, built in 1886, before the 3 story drill hall was re-erected where it now […]

The Famous Faces of Clan MacLachlan

Could you be related to a famous MacLachlan? From fighter pilots and actors, to footballers and musicians; Clan MacLachlan are a right talented bunch! Read on as we explore a few of the famous faces of Clan MacLachlan! James MacLachlan – ‘One Armed Mac’ James MacLachlan was a distinguished Royal Air Force fighter pilot during the Second […]

Scotland — History and Culture

Scotland has experienced extraordinary growth and change during the course of its lifetime – it’s a place that has been invaded and settled many times and that has made mighty contributions to culture and society. The history of Scotland is fascinating and complex; there are Roman soldiers, Vikings, noble clansmen, powerful ruling monarchs and even […]

Love from Scotland, January 2020

It seems a little strange to be saying ‘Happy New Year’ and writing my first post of 2020 well into the month of February, but here we are. It turns out that I haven’t left Love from Scotland to fade quietly away, nor have I got writer’s block (I’m brimming with ideas!) instead I’ve been […]

The Birdwatcher’s Cabin, Loch Fleet, Golspie

Welcome to the Birdwatcher’s Cabin… At The Birdwatcher’s Cabin* in Balblair Woods on Loch Fleet in deepest Sutherland, all is quiet. The North Coast 500 might be right outside your door, but hidden on its own beach, the silence at Birdwatcher’s Cabin is only interrupted by the whistling cry of an osprey taking flight over Loch […]

A West Coast of Scotland Road Trip

Let’s go on a west coast of Scotland road trip! With spectacular white sandy beaches, soaring mountains and beautiful islands it’s no wonder that Scotland’s west coast is the first place many people think of when planning a trip to Scotland. Explore the best bits of the west coast of Scotland on this itinerary ferry […]