Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (30th Week)

1.Which Roman wall runs between Bo’ness and Glasgow?
a. Antonine

b. Hadrians

c. Flodden

The wall marking the northernmost frontier of the
Roman empire was constructed during the reign of
Emperor Antonius Pius in AD 143. It was some 37 miles
long with a series of garrison forts of which Rough
Castle is one of the survivors today.

2.From which part of Scotland did American President Nixon’s ancestors come from?
a. Ayrshire

b. Lanarkshire

c. Dumfriesshire

3.Which Scottish king was the subject of a play by William Shakespeare?
a. Macbeth

b. King Richard III

c. Hamlet

4.What was the title of singer Sandi Thom’s debut single?
a. ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker’

b. ‘Lonely Girl’ 
c. ‘What If I’m Right?’

5.Where in 1853 was the first ‘Caledonian Club’ founded in the USA?
a. Boston

b. New York 

c. North Carolina

6.In which month does the ‘rut’ among red deer stags begin?
a. August

b. September

c. November

7.Which of the following is traditionally ‘tossed’ at Highland Games? 
a. caber

b. cow

c. lamb

8.Which island is known for its strict observance of the Sabbath?
a. Isle of Arran

b. Isle of Lewis and Harris

c. Mull

Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides have been
well known for their strict observance of the Sabbath,
when everything closed, including ferry services to
the mainland. This is now beginning to change, with a
Sunday ferry service recently being introduced.

9.When did Mary, Queen of Scots reign?
a. 1512-1542

b. 1542-1567

c. 1567-1597

10.From where on the mainland do you catch the ferry to the islands ‘Rum’, ‘Eigg’ and ‘Muck’?
a. Oban

b. Ullapool

c. Mallaig

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