Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (31th Week)

1.What is the legal definition of a ‘croft’?
a. house

b. walled field

c. unit of land

A ‘croft’ is technically a plot of land over which the
crofter enjoys special rights to live, farm or fish
from. Crofting rights came to the fore during the
19th century when, after some bitter recrimination,
legislation enshrined certain privileges for the
traditional crofter

2.Musician Mylo from the Isle of Skye studied philosophy at which University?
a. Edinburgh

b. Oxford

c. Cambridge

3.What important event took place on 24th June 1314?
a. Declaration of Arbroath

b. Battle of Bannockburn

c. death of William Wallace

4.During clan feuding, what were the MacLeods and MacDonalds reputedly reduced to eating?
a. dogs and cats

b. trees and plants

c. birds and insects

5.How did writer Ellroy Leonard describe the new wave of Scottish crime fiction in the 1990’s?
a. Agatha Christie on acid

b. Bleak tales from the frozen north 

c. Tartan Noir

Led by Scottish writers such as Ian Rankin with his
Inspector Rebus novels, a new genre of crime fiction ‘Tartan Noir’ . evolved in the mid 1990s whose style
is resolutely urban, peppered with black humour, and
quite unlike the English ‘whodunit’

6.The clan confederation of ‘McSweens’, ‘Lamonts’, ‘Macleys’, ‘MacLachlans’ and ‘MacNeils’ can trace one line of their ancestry back to which century?
a. fifth

b. sixth

c. eighth

7.Which battle in 1780, during the USA War of Independence, had a Scots commander in charge of each side?
a. Lexington

b. Princeton

c. King’s Mountain

8.Thomas Stevenson designed which lighthouse in Shetland?
a. Fluggle Mucka

b. Cackle Staffa

c. Muckle Flugga

The Stevenson family (of whom Robert Louis was a
younger member) was renowned for their building
and engineering of lighthouses, often in wild and
inaccessible places, off the coast of Scotland.

9.How many holes did the ‘Old Course’ golf course in St Andrews originally have?
a. 18

b. 19

c. 22

10.What is the principal activity of the ‘Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’?
a. researching old books

b. collecting antiques

c. archaeology

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