Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (6th Week)

1.Who pioneered the use of quinine as a cure for malaria?
a. Norman Grist 
b. George Cleghorn 
c. Sir Charles Bell

2.How long is the Skye Road Bridge?
a. 1,705 feet

b. 2,705 feet

c. 4,705 feet

3.What does the term ‘whillie-wa’ mean?
a. to whistle

b. to tell a lie

c. to procrastinate

4.Which performer’s tombstone bears the epitaph, in Gaelic, ‘I told you I was ill’?
a. Sir Harry Lauder

b. Rikki Fulton

c. Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan was a comedian renowned for his
spontaneous and chaotic humour. He had always joked
that this would be his final message to the world and
although the line caused controversy amongst his
family and friends, it was eventually added to his
tombstone two years after his death in 2002.

5.Which city did Sir Colin Campbell relieve during the Indian Mutiny of 1857?
a. Delhi

b. Calcutta

c. Lucknow

6.In what area does the Mull of Kintyre lie?
a. Angus

b. Argyll

c. Highland and Islands

7.How were Roy Williamson and Ronnie Brown better known?
a. The Humblebums

b. The Proclaimers

c. The Corries

8.Who first pioneered the use of fingerprints for catching criminals?
a. Henry Faulds

b. Sir Charles Bell

c. Professor John Mallard

Born in 1843 and hailing from North Ayrshire, Faulds
attended Glasgow University and is credited with
pioneering the forensic use of fingerprints after his
own hospital was broken into.

9.Which clan name derives from the meaning ‘Son of the Harper’?
a. McGuinness

b. MacClarsach

c. MacWhirter

10.Which University town had the first medical school in the UK in 1505?
a. Aberdeen

b. Edinburgh

c. Glasgow

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