Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (7th Week)

1.Who wrote the novel Waverley?
a. Muriel Spark

b. Robert Louis Stevenson

c. Sir Walter Scott

Scott wrote this famous historical novel in 1814 based
on the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. Scott was born in 1771
and was lame throughout his life due to childhood
polio. He began his literary career at the age of 25, in
part influenced by his one and only meeting with the
poet Robert Burns ten years earlier.

2.Which modern designer has often been inspired by the kilt in her fashion shows?
a. Stella McCartney

b. Vivienne Westwood

c. Coco Chanel

3.Which missionary established the first white settlement in Central Africa?
a. David Livingstone

b. Robert Moffat

c. Hugh Clapperton

4.Which castle is the seat of the Earl of Perth?
a. Stirling Castle

b. Castle Drummond

c. Culzean Castle

5.What are ‘whigmaleeries’?
a. bacon and eggs

b. cats and dogs

c. jewellery and toys

‘Whigmaleeries’ are whims, caprices and idle fancies.
The meaning of the word is not found in any current
languages of Europe, it would seem to be unique
to Scotland.

6.In which city was the Timex watch factory based?
a. Aberdeen

b. Inverness

c. Dundee

7.What were the ‘Statutes of Iona’ of 1609 designed to do?
a. forbid tartan

b. abolish abbeys

c. keep the Highlands safe

8.What links Loch Lochy, Loch Oich and Loch Ness?
a. Crinan Canal

b. Caledonian Canal

c. River Tay

9.What was the first James Bond film that Sean Connery starred in?
a. Goldfinger

b. Dr No

c. Casino Royale

Sean Connery was a virtual unknown when he
was picked to be 007 in Dr No. Bond’s creator, Ian
Fleming, was apparently initially appalled that
a working-class Scot was going to play his suave,
sophisticated hero

10.What tragedy happened in July 1988, killing 167 people?
a. Ibrox stadium disaster

b. Piper Alpha explosion

c. Lockerbie Panam crash

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