Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (17th Week)

1.Who wrote The Steps to the Empty Throne?
a. Nigel Tranter

b. Iain Banks

c. Ian Rankin

Nigel Tranter was a prolific historical novelist who
wrote over 110 books including The Steps to the
Empty Throne. He was born in Glasgow, and died
in 2000.

2.When was North Sea Oil first discovered?
a. 1960s

b. 1970s

c. 1980s

3.Through observations on the Tay Estuary, who determined the mean level of the sea in the early 19th century?
a. Thomas Graham

b. James Jardine

c. Claire Aitken

4.In what area is the world famous ‘Roslin Scientific Research Institute’?
a. Tayside

b. Lothian

c. Lanarkshire

The Roslin Institute is a government research institute
near Edinburgh, Lothian. Dolly the sheep, the first
mammal to be cloned, was born and bred at
the institute.

5.Where was the 1984 film Comfort & Joy about rival ice-cream sellers set?
a. Glasgow

b. Dumfries

c. Aberdeen

6.Which Scottish-based drinks company was bought over by Carlsberg and Heineken in 2008?
a. Scottish and Newcastle

b. Caledonian Brewery 
c. Belhaven Brewery

7.Which of these US Civil War generals claimed the longest Scots’ ancestry?
a. Ulysses S Grant

b. Robert E Lee

c. Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson

8.In which city would you find ‘Orange Walks’ taking place?
a. Glasgow

b. Aberfeldy

c. St Andrews

‘Orange Walks’ have been held in Glasgow since 1872
and are held on the Saturday before the 12th of July,
celebrating the victory of King William of Orange at
the Battle of the Boyne.

9.With which clan are the septs ‘Docherty’, ‘Gregory’ and ‘McAdam’ associated?
a. MacPherson

b. MacGregor

c. Scott

10.Which popular youth organisation was founded in Glasgow?
a. Boy Scouts

b. Boys Brigade

c. Girl Guides

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