Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (18th Week)

1.What made the first crossing of the Atlantic from East Lothian to New York in 1919?
a. airship

b. balloon

c. airplane

2.‘Sika’, ‘Roe’ and ‘Fallow’ are all types of which animal?
a. pony

b. sheep

c. deer

3.What sort of person is a ‘dubskelper’?
a. drunk

b. violent

c. reckless

4.The mother of one of America’s most infamous outlaws, Butch Cassidy, came from where in Scotland?
a. Largs

b. Forfar

c. Stirling

Born Robert Leroy Parker in 1866, ‘Butch’ was the
first child of Ann Campbell, a Scottish Mormon from
Stirling. He became a notorious train and bank robber
along with his partner the ‘Sundance Kid’, another
member of the Wild Bunch. He is widely believed
to have died in South America in 1909, but many
believed he faked his death at that time.

5.Why did James Stirling, who invented the mathematical ‘Stirling Theorem’, not graduate from university?

a. he was murdered

b. his strong support for the Jacobite cause

c. he failed his exams

6.Where would you find the ‘Old Man of Hoy’?
a. Greyfriars Cemetery

b. Antonine wall

c. Orkney Islands

7.Which saint introduced Christianity to southwest Scotland?
a. St Ninian

b. St Colomba

c. St Andrew

St Ninian is considered to be Scotland’s first saint,
with his mission to preach Christianity beginning in AD 397. He was based at Whithorn in southwest Scotland and built the ‘Candida Casa’ or ‘White House’ there.

8.When were the last bridge tolls scrapped in Scotland?
a. July 2007

b. February 2008

c. July 2008

9.After which battle was American Scot James Forsyth suspended from duty?
a. Little Big Horn

b. Bull Run

c. Wounded Knee

10.Inverness is situated on which firth?
a. Moray Firth

b. Solway Firth

c. Firth of Forth

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