Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (32th Week)

1.When did King Macbeth reign?
a. 1021-1040

b. 1040-1057

c. 1057-1079

2.Which island in the Firth of Forth is home to thousands of seabirds and was once a prison?
a. Bass Rock

b. Inchcolm

c. Isle of May

3.Which Scotsman produced the first ever edition of the Oxford English Dictionary?
a. Robert Aitken

b. James Murray

c. William MacGregor

4.For how many years is it believed that the Scots have had an on-and off presence in Nova Scotia?
a. 100

b. 1,000

c. 10,000

5.Who were Montgomery’s Highlanders formed to fight against in North America in 1757?
a. English

b. Native Americans

c. French

6.In 1768-1771, where was the first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica compiled, edited and printed?
a. Inverness

b. Edinburgh

c. Dundee

7.Which former television presenter of the rock show The Tube is also an accomplished Scottish hill walker?
a. Muriel Gray

b. Muriel Spark

c. Alasdair Gray

8.Many Scottish clans can detect a continuity of lineage back to which centuries?
a. 10th and 11th

b. 12th and 13th

c. 13th and 14th

9.Which clan’s motto is ‘God send grace’?
a. Sempill

b. Crichton

c. Forsyth

10.Which Celtic word means ‘fortified hill’?
a. Brae

b. Burgh

c. Dun

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