Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (9th Week)

1.What was Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre originally called?
a. Capital Theatre

b. Empire Theatre

c. Edinburgh Playhouse

2.When was the ‘open skies’ policy enacted, allowing transatlantic flights to and from Scotland?
a. 1940

b. 1970

c. 1990

3.Of which battle in the 1715 Jacobite uprising was it said that ‘neither side won’?
a. Sheriffmuir

b. Stirling

c. Prestonpans

The ‘Battle of Sheriffmuir’ took place on 13th
November 1715 between the Government forces,
under the Duke of Argyll, and the Jacobites, under the
Earl of Mar, on moorland near Dunblane. Technically,
the Hanoverian side under the Duke of Argyll won
the day, as the Jacobite uprising collapsed soon

4.Where is the ‘Brig O’Doon’?
a. Ayr

b. Aberfeldy

c. Aviemore

5.Who was the Scots star of a Life Less Ordinary?
a. Allan Cumming

b. Tom Conti

c. Ewan McGregor

6.What was the nickname of Chief Superintendent McVitie in the TV show Taggart?
a. The Doughnut

b. The Biscuit

c. The Bobby

7.Referring to Scots scientist James Clerk Maxwell, who said ‘he is a genius, but one has to check his calculations’?
a. Einstein

b. Kirchoff

c. Galileo

8.Where in Scotland would you find a statue of the late First Minister Donald Dewar?
a. Edinburgh

b. Perth

c. Glasgow

9.Who wrote Ivanhoe?
a. John Buchan

b. Sir Walter Scott

c. Compton Mackenzie

10.What is the former John Watson’s School in Edinburgh now used as?
a. National Gallery of Modern Art

b. National Museum of Scotland 

c. Scottish Parliament Visitor Centre

This outstanding permanent collection of European
and Scottish modern art is housed in a classical-style
building designed by architect William Burn. Its sister
gallery just across the road is the Dean Gallery, also
with an important collection of modern art
and sculpture.

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