Test Your Scottish Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz! (10th Week)

1.What did the Victorian family firm ‘Wilsons of Bannockburn’ supply all over the world?

a. claymores 
b. haggis 
c. tartan

2.Which motorway connects Glasgow to Carlisle?
a. M6 
b. M8 
c. M74

3.How much should a curling stone weigh?
a. 20 lb 
b. 30 lb 
c. 40 lb

A curling stone is a circular, flat-bottomed stone made
of polished granite which teams of four attempt to
slide over a stretch of ice towards a target.

4.Which fictional character threatened to sail off with the Spice Girls in 1997?
a. Oor Wullie

b. Desperate Dan

c. Dennis the Menace

5.Who claimed to be the grandsons of Bonnie Prince Charlie?
a. Jesse James and his gang

b. von Richthofens

c. Sobieski Stuarts

6.What is the only snake found in Scotland?
a. python

b. adder

c. cobra

There are only three types of snake found in the UK
– adder, grass snake and smooth snake. The adder is
the only poisonous snake, but its bite is rarely fatal.
Only the adder is found in Scotland, but even then
that is rare.

7.What is a ‘whipper snapper’?
a. intelligent person

b. presumptuous person

c. carefree person

8.Which industry is the largest private employer in Orkney?
a. clothing

b. fishing

c. jewellery

9.Who was the first great leader in the Western Isles?
a. Somerville

b. Somerled

c. Finn MacCuill

10.Where would you find ‘Buchanan Street’?
a. Stirling

b. Glasgow

c. Dundee

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